Scoffable BREW has been a labour of love. We’ve worked hard to make a drink which has an amazing, authentic flavour, that doesn’t have that harsh aftertaste you get from some artificial sweeteners, and that is hand-crafted right here in Scotland.

We’ve purposely designed BREW to be a premium product, it’s meant to be savoured, so it’s not something you grab on the run.

But good things take time.

Our initial idea for BREW came in 2018, just around the time the Soft Drinks Industry Levy, more commonly known as the “Sugar Tax”, was introduced in Scotland. This new legislation meant that soft drinks manufacturers either had to reduce the amount of sugar in their recipes, or pay a premium. Lots of soft drinks companies altered their recipes, replacing sugar with artificial sweeteners which fundamentally changed the taste of the drink.

Now let’s be clear: we are supporters of people being healthy and well. If the last few years have taught us anything it is that health and wellbeing are more important to society than ever. But we’ve always believed in the occasional treat. In fact, Scoffable is built on matching restaurants and takeaways with hungry diners treating themselves to a delicious meal. We believe in “everything in moderation”, as our grannies used to say.

So we saw a gap in the market for a great tasting Scottish-made drink that gave people the choice to treat themselves. And the concept of BREW was born.

It’s taken us more than three years to make that idea a reality. We’ve painstakingly perfected the recipe, making tweaks in tasting trial after tasting trial, until we were comfortable that we’ve got something that tastes exactly as we wanted.

And now we’re ready to share it with you. We hope you love it as much as we do.